Tools To Measure Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is vital for any business. Measuring it is an essential factor for a business to see what works and what doesn't. Yet, brand awareness is one of the hardest indicator to measure.

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Tools To Measure Brand Awareness:

Surveys: these can be conducted by email, on your site, or by calls. You can ask your customers how they have found you or if they are familiar with you. The first question can give you an understanding of how people discovered your brand; the second can provide information on the number of people that can recall your name.

Website traffic: measuring traffic on the website over time can provide a view over brand awareness. Using analysis tools to find out how many people typed your brand's URL, bookmarked you, or clicked a link to your site.

Social listening: one of the most useful tactics is to look on the internet to see if people are talking about your business on social media and other platforms.

This method allows you to listen to customers' online voices because their opinions can provide important information about their interaction with you and see how they feel.

The volume of mentions: see how many times your brand is mentioned online, and you can find the approximate number of conversations on your business and track the changes in real-time.

Reach: is the number of people that mentions will be seen by. If a big influencer mentions you, this conversation will be spread to most of his followers, and brand awareness will be increased immediately.

Engagement: besides watching what people are discussing online, it is essential to see how engaged they are in your content and conversations with you; how many customers stay to read a full article, how many skips over it, and how they respond to your posts.