Top French newspapers

Here is the list with top 10 French newspapers , listed by popularity.

1. Le Figaro

Founded in 1826, Le Figaro is the oldest national daily in France. With it’s conservative editorial line, Le Figaro is also the largest national newspaper in France. Other Groupe Figaro publications include TV Magazine and Evene.

2. Le Monde

Founded in 1944 and considered as being the paper of the establishment, Le Monde reflects French opinion on international issues, and it is the French daily that is most read outside France. It is traditionally focused on offering analysis and opinion, as opposed to being a newspaper of record.

3. Libération

Libération was founded in 1973 by Jean-Paul Sartre and other left-wing intellectuals. The publication describes its "compass" as being "the defence of freedoms and of minorities". It was the first French daily to have a website.

4. L'Equipe

Devoted almost exclusively to sport, L'Equipe is one of the best selling of France's national dailies. The paper is noted for coverage of football, rugby, motorsport and cycling. It is published in broadsheet format.

5. Le Parisien / Aujourd'hui

Established in August, 1944, these two tabloids, one for Paris, the other for the rest of France, are more or less the same newspaper with different regional editions. It has an focus on sensational stories, celebrity gossip and television, as well as anecdotal news.

6. Les Echos

Founded in 1908, Les Echos is the first daily French financial newspaper. Similar to Les Echos, but with a smaller readership, was La Tribune, which ceased publication in 2011.

7. La Croix

La Croix is a daily French general-interest Roman Catholic newspaper. It is not explicitly left or right on major political issues; rather, the newspaper adopts the Church's position.

8. 20 Minutes

20 minutes is a free, daily newspaper aimed at commuters in France. Since its launch in 2002, 20 minutes has led the market of free French newspapers. The newspaper claims strict neutrality in its reporting. The name 20 minutes refers to the amount of time it should take one to read this daily newspaper.

9. Le Progrès

Le Progrès is a regional daily newspaper that reports primarily on local news in the Rhône-Alpes region. The paper has its headquarters in Lyon.

10. L'Express

L'Express is a French weekly news magazine headquartered in Paris. The weekly stands at the political centre in the French media landscape.

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