Top Italian newspapers in English

Here is the list with the top Italian newspapers written in English, listed by popularity.

1. Luminosity Italia

The mission of Luminosity Italia is to provide information accurate, authentic and thoughtful information about Italy to discerning English-language readers. “Our modest effort is a contribution to public discourse, now more than ever threatened by intentionally untrue information spread online,” says Jon Van Housen, founder and editor at Luminosity Italia.

2. Valley Life

Founded in 2003, Valley Life Magazine is a group of glossy magazines, in both Italian and English, and located and distributed to residents of Alto Tevere Umbro and Valtiberina Toscana regions. It’s articles are centered on culture, history and art, opinion pieces, articles on fashion, lifestyle and health and well-being – as well as on food, hospitality and catering.

3. The American

Rome-based monthly magazine, founded in March 2004. It publishes more than 20 columnists on a regular basis. It is dedicated to giving the English-speaking residents of Italy insight into national culture, politics and lifestyle.

4. Wanted in Roma

Wanted in Rome is the monthly magazine in English for expats and tourists living in – or just visiting – Rome. Founded in 1985, the magazine offers local news, information on events, museums, churches, art galleries, restaurants and useful numbers.

5. The Florentine

Launched in 2005, The Florentine is as a grassroots news magazine for the vast English-speaking community in Florence, Italy, and is published 11 times a year. The magazine is distributed for free from 150+ points in Florence and around.

6. Florence is You!

Bimonthly newspaper focused on culture, art, exhibitions, events, traditions, food, lifestyle and life in Florence. It is distributed free of charge in Florence (Italy) and in other areas of the Florentine metropolitan city.

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