Types Of Crisis

There are many types of crises that can affect your business. Some might fit more to your type of business than others. In your general crisis management plan, you should lay out multiple plans for all possible crisis scenarios.

types of crisis.png

Having a plan for different crisis types is very important because you can protect your reputation or repair it as fast as possible.

Example of common types of crisis:

  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or other severe weather-related issues and bio-hazards such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Human errors and malpractice (such as fire, explosions, or hazardous material spills) or intentional human-caused events (such as robberies or violence).
  • Technology related issues such as power outage or cybernetic attacks.
  • Financial related crisis, when your product or company experiences a sudden drop in demand, for example, Tourism during the pandemic.

Many of these can differ from one case to another and can include multiple subcategories.

For example, human error or malpractice issues can be either related to personnel or can be organizational.

Other crises might happen solely online. Social media is a very powerful tool these days, both for promoting a company or defaming one. The trigger can be something as insignificant as an employee, manager or shareholder tweeting something controversial.

Many crises can have other subcategories:

  • Conflicts between employees
  • Data losing
  • Social media scandals
  • Negative comments that can affect the online reputation
  • Natural emergencies such as earthquakes, demolition of the building, and other natural events.

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