Types of Influencers

Depending on the number of followers they have and the type of collaboration, there are several types on influencers: Mega Influencers, Macro Influencer, Micro-Influencer, The Advocate, The Referrer, The Loyalist.

Mega Influencers

This type of influencer has more than a million followers, operating with one size fits all approach, trying lots of different kinds of interactions with fans to see what works the best and what is more fitting with the audience.

Mega influencers are right for awareness campaigns, representing the brand, talking about it, and wearing it. They can reach a more massive audience through social media and their posts, helping a company engage with an audience that they don't have access to otherwise.

Macro Influencer

They are similar to a mega influencer; the only difference is that they rise to fame by the power of the internet, unlike mega influencer through makeup and by being celebrities. Macro influencers make podcasters, vlogs, and blogs. Their audience is around 100,000 and a million followers. The type of content they produce usually targets a specific demographic, and they stick to that. Rarely will target another niche, and the interaction with other followers is happening at a slower phase.


This type of influencer's audience ranges from 1,000 to 100,000 followers – however, while their audience may be smaller, they're more invested in the influencer and their niche.

Micro-influencers are essential because of their expertise on a topic – they usually stick to one problem.

Because of this, micro-influencers are far more effective at driving the action(s) your business is looking for to meet influence marketing campaign goals.

The Advocate

Advocates are a different and more unique category of influencers.

They speak about a brand positively, promoting and talking about the experience with the product or service. They will formulate a conversation that will lead to that product and will

always defend and promote it.

The Referrer

The Referrer drives people to your website, place of business, or online profiles, with a reliable and trusted recommendation for your product or service.

You're the only brand they will recommend.

The Loyalist

The final piece of the types of influencers puzzle comes in the shape of Loyalists. These are followers, customers, fans, etc., that have moved along the influence marketing sales funnel, from the awareness that Mega can drive, to being with your brand through thick and thin.

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