What does LFG mean?

If you're wondering What does LFG mean, as a result of seeing it appearing a lot on social media platforms, you’re not the only one. In the online gaming community, the common definition is simple - LFG means looking for group .

What does LFG stand for?

Here is more of what the acronym LFG means. First of all, you should know LFG belongs to Internet slang.

The general meaning of the term "LFG" in the online gaming community is straightforward, and it stands for "looking for group."

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This acronym is also a gaming term that means Let’s Freaking Go. Another common definition for LFG is Let’s F*cking Go.

LFG - Looking For Group

When gamers say they are LFG, this means they are looking for group. LFG is mostly used in text messages, being one of the terms in online player games slang.

Multiplayer games require players to form a group so they can complete particular tasks in the game.

How do gamers use the LFG acronym when playing?

Gamers can use LFG in various ways, as follows:

  • Posting the term LFG in the game chat

One way to use the acronym LFG is in text messages when communicating with other players in the game chat.


  • Posting LFG in outside-the-game chats or forums

In the online gaming community, LFG is a very used term. Gamers have the habit of discussing outside the game, with other players. That’s how they use specific acronyms in outside-the-game chats or forums, including LFG.

  • Posting LFG in apps

There are several dedicated LFG apps that players can download and use to find other players in search for a group to play. For example: GamerLink.

Note well!

Keep in mind the meanings of LFG, and don’t mix it up with LFM - Looking For Member, which means a slightly different thing. LFM indicates that a group is searching for someone else to take part in their community.


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