What does Ratio mean on TikTok

Maybe you have noticed the term ratio while reading comments in a TikTok video, but what does ratio mean on TikTok?

What's the meaning of ratio?

TikTok is known as a social media app with lots of unique phrases.

The word ratio is used both on TikTok and Twitter.

However, this term first started on another popular platform - Twitter - but on TikTok, it has taken on a life of its own.

A Twitter ratio occurs between the number of replies and likes. On the other hand, TikTok ratios are measured by likes.

Here is the short answer: Tiktok users reply to comments with this term - ratio - in order to get more likes than the comment they responded to. If this action gets results, this means that most of the users who commented disagree with the original statement.

A more detailed explanation goes like this:

  • A Tiktok user posts a comment in the comment section, and another user replies with Ratio.
  • After that, the ratio comment either gets more likes than the comment of the original commenter or doesn’t.
  • If the comment containing ratio is successful, other users will reply with “W”, the short term for winner/win.
  • In the case the Ratio comment fails, other commenters can reply with “L”, the short for loss/loser.

What does it mean to get ratioed?

That is, the word ratio is a method used on TikTok to put a certain opinion to a vote using likes. Videos on TikTok can be ratioed if a particular comment gets twice as many likes as the video itself - the original post.

Are TikTok ratios bad?

Even if it seems that ratios are an easy way for anonymous TikTok users to dogpile on an account. Nevertheless, users have started ratio threads to have fun.

Commenting on TikTok.jpg

How did ratios start to be used on social media apps?

On TikTok, ratios are primarily attributed to the absence of a dislike button on this social media app. People want to express their disagreement, and they found this method. Most probably, if there existed a dislike button or other means to dislike a video in the same manner as on YouTube, the ratio would be expressed between dislikes and likes.

In addition to this, YouTube has hidden the number of dislikes.

In conclusion, the word ratio functions as an option for anonymous users to express their dislike in the absence of a dislike button.