Public Relation Specialist

A public relation specialist is a person that creates and maintains a favorable public image for their employer and company. They write content for social media and sites, plan and direct programs, and raise funds for the organization.

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What does a public relations specialist do?

  • Write content for social media and prepare information for publications

  • Identify groups and audiences to reach trough content and strategies

  • Respond to information requests from the media, being a spokesperson or the information source

  • Help clients with the information that they need

  • Develop and maintain the image of the organization using logos and sings

  • Arrow interviews for the organization’s executives

  • Evaluate advertisements and promotion programs

  • Develop and carry out foundering strategies by finding donors and applying to grants.

How much does a public relations specialist earn?

The average salary for this job is $60,999; the typical wage can start from $34,505 and can go up to $107,838. It can depend on the company and the country.