Public Relations Specialist

The Public Relations specialist, or the PR Specialist is a person who creates and maintains a favorable public image for their employer or client.

General Information

The PR specialist isn't in a management position but has the ability to give directions and offer direct actions for the company. The PR specialist must respond to the PR manager and follow their requirements.

PR specialists write material for media releases, plan and direct public relations programs, and raise funds for their organizations.

Public Relations Specialist Responsabilities

Usually, the PR specialist has the next attributions:

  • Write press releases and prepare documentation for the media outlets and partners
  • Respond to requests for information from the media
  • Help clients communicate effectively with the public
  • Identify main client groups and audiences and determine the best way to reach them
  • Develop brand's image using the logo and other visual representatives and communicate to the public the concept or designate a person and collaborate with the team to deliver in time
  • Evaluate advertising and promotion programs to determine whether they are compatible with the company
  • Develop and carry out fundraising strategies for an organization

In every PR team or department, there needs to be a person following the responsibilities above, and that person is the PR specialist. He or she maintain the communication with the public, the investors, media outlets, reporters and other media specialists.