Social Media Evaluator

A Social Media Evaluator is a person who looks at companies’ interactivity and engagement in all social media platforms.

Social media evaluator image.png

Tasks for a social media evaluator

  1. Rate the quality and relevance of ads
  2. Assign posts to a predefined category of topics
  3. Answer questions about the intent behind searches on social media platforms
  4. Evaluate claims stated in pieces of content such as images and videos
  5. Evaluate the realness of events and whether they are duplicates

How much does a social media evaluator make?

Pay rate for social media evaluators can range from $3/hour (i.e., Appen’s internet analyst rate in India) to $18/hour. The payment may vary depending on the country, projects, and company.

Job requirements for a social media evaluator:

  1. Access to a computer with sound, speakers and a new smartphone
  2. Access to a secure, high-speed internet
  3. Use social media daily
  4. Fluency in written in the native language and English
  5. Ability to work in troubleshoot software, execute instruction independently and work with various applications
  6. Attention to details and commitment to quality content

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