What Is a Digital Influencer

What is a Digital Influencer?

What is a Digital influencer

A digital influencer is a person who creates content via digital channels whose authority, knowledge, or position in the online media can have the power to impact the purchasing decisions of their audience.

A digital influencer actively engages with their distinct niche through regular posts, sharing their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic. Influencers can include celebrities, models, athletes, designers, cooks, and other public individuals, but they can also be your next-door neighbor or the friend you grew up with.

Nowadays not just individuals with millions of followers are considered an influencer. Depending on the number of followers, there are many types of influencers. You might be one yourself.

Influencers are also categorized by type of content.

Types of influencers by content

Types of influencers by content

There are many channels and ways of creating content on social media platforms. Every influencer marketing platform has its own content form with different target audiences.

Let`s start with Bloggers

There are many bloggers out there, most of them in a position of knowledge and authority on a specific niche.

Bloggers produce content in the form of articles. Since they also influence their audience, companies can opt to target blogs for affiliate marketing programs.

Next up: Youtubers

Instead of writing articles, Youtubers create content in the form of short or long videos.YouTubers usually entertain, teach, preach, and basically create valuable content on… you guessed it: Youtube. Youtube influencers are often monetized by the platform itself through sponsored ads. But they also get good deals from companies by promoting products and reviewing them. TopYouTuberss with million followers won at the earned media game.


Anybody can have a podcast these days. On any given topic. Really. Today`s marketing tools allow you to create engaging audio materials that can build a fat follower count. Online learning through podcast listening has increased in the past years, and so are the companies willing to put their money where the influencer`s mouth is. Pun intended.

Last but not least: Social posting platforms

By this, we mean every social media platform that allows users to post content in the form of photos, videos, stories, and lives. Channels like: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, etc.

Digital marketing influencers promote their content on the social platform via marketing strategies and marketing tools. These social media influencers juggle various types of content-creating techniques that attract just the right audience for their niche. Based on their authority knowledge position, Influencers monetize their expertise through sponsored posts. Local brands are a good way for them to get started in the marketing campaign business.