Here at BrandMentions, we learned that the way of progress is neither swift nor easy. But we also know that without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement or success have no meaning.

We strongly believe that all apps should have customer centricity as one of their underlying values. And our customers live in a soon-to-be fully integrated web of apps and tools and platforms. It was our responsibility to keep up with the expectations and this is why:

BrandMentions gets fully integrated with Zapier.

Among the many driving forces behind tech progress, two stand out:

  1. interconnectedness &
  2. automation

We’re happy to have found a way to combine the two and offer you a way to connect our tool with any other tool out there that makes your day to day activities easier.  They offer you something that’s vital to your model; to name a few:

  • portability of your data
  • the ability to reach out to potential customers
  • a way to easily get in touch with coworkers, etc.

Whether it’s Google Drive, Facebook, Slack, Twitter or something else, they are important facets of your business.

Zapier & BrandMentions. The Power of App Integration

Zapier is a web-based service that allows users to integrate the web applications they use. It allows you to create workflows that keep data consistent across applications and automate integration between different tools. App integration is not a recent invention, but it traditionally involved quite a bit of technical prowess.

Zapier changed the game, making app integration accessible to all in need, regardless of the level of tech knowledge.


The recipe for success in the case of Zapier relies on three things.

  • Firstly, it’s core goal, which is to allow users to integrate work between tools without needing to write a single line of code.
  • Secondly, the fact that it was built from the ground up, with user feedback at the front and center of its development strategy, rather than an auxiliary.
  • Thirdly, that to this day it views its activity as centered around customer support, rather than as a technical company.

Those are all fundamentals we can relate to and which make us very glad to have chosen Zapier to help us provide you with the possibility of integrating BrandMentions with literally thousands of apps.

Whatever app you could think of, it’s probably in scope for us now.

This is not just about information transfer - for instance, receiving notifications from BrandMentions while using another app (although that is on the menu as well), but also about automating actions (and reactions) from another app, based on BrandMentions activity.

You can set up Twitter to automatically post a tweet whenever our tool finds new mentions of your site, or have Buffer instantly add the new mentions that we found, or even create Pushbullet notes instantly from any new mentions reported by us.

zapier BM Integration

Some of the BrandMentions - Zapier Integrations That Will Make Your Life Easier

App integration goes beyond facilitating the access to information from one tool to another: it allows you to set up two separate tools, developed by different authors, to work together and interact based on actions and reactions. Equally important, it does this while also allowing you to automate tasks, saving you time and energy.

Google Sheets Integration

Instead of exporting new mentions every day, you can now use the automation feature from Zapier so that every time a mention is found by BM, Zapier automatically creates a new spreadsheet row in Google Sheets. This way, you will have all your data saved and ready to access and use wherever you are. You are practically using the combined advantages of all three apps involved.

Every time a mention is found by BrandMentions, Zapier automatically creates a new spreadsheet row in Google Sheets

Buffer Integration

Buffer already makes your life easier by allowing you to schedule posts and manage content on all of your social media accounts in one place. Now you can take advantage of the BrandMentions integration with the help of Zapier and quickly share all your mentions on all (or a selected few of) your social media accounts. You can set the BrandMentions - Buffer integration so that as soon as a new mention is found, Zapier automatically adds the mention to Buffer, which in turn posts about it on your social media account. This combination will no doubt increase the efficiency already provided by Buffer through further automation.

Quickly share all your mentions on all your social media accounts.

Twitter Integration

If you’d rather share social updates directly from a particular platform, you can do that as well. Twitter, for instance, seems particularly suitable for our new integration capabilities. You can now set things up so that whenever a new mention is found by BM, Twitter creates a new tweet for that mention. This way, your followers can stay up to speed with who mentioned your brand and you can keep an active profile without needing to do a lot of manual work.

Whenever a new mention is found by BrandMentions, Twitter creates a new tweet for that mention.

Slack Integration

You can also change the way you create conversations with colleagues or users by using the Zapier automation to send a direct message to someone on Slack regarding the mentions found by BrandMentions. When a mention is found, your entire team can find out that very moment, without you needing to do anything manually about it (other than, of course, setting up the rules for the automation in the beginning). This can foster a very effective work environment for quick reactions.

Send a direct message to someone on Slack regarding the mentions found by BrandMentions.

Gmail Integration

If you prefer the “classic” email as a communication tool and would rather receive an email every time your brand is mentioned online, you can do that as well. With our new integration, you can have Gmail send you a message for each new mention found by BM. This can drastically reduce dead time by creating a continuous conversation flow while allowing everyone to respond in their own rhythm.

Have Gmail sending you a message for each new mention found by BrandMentions.

Even More BrandMentions Improvements

We are very proud of BrandMentions overall look and feel, its features and capabilities. But we know that there is always space for improvement. Based on our users'feedback and our community discussions, here are some of the improvements we've been working on lately:

All Mentions Links Straight to Your Inbox

That's right! You now have the possibility of visualizing all your mentions'links directly in your email. You can bypass our link previewer and take a look at all of your links you are having mentions on, straight in your inbox.

We know that a lot of you check their mentions directly from the email inbox, most likely from mobile devices. For those of you who do this, we have implemented a solution so that you'll have a better experience when checking your mentions: you'll see all your mentions'links altogether + you can disable the link previewer tool.

BRand Mentions Improvements

Faster Load Times

The need for speed is not just the title of a movie but a reality of our days. Without compromising on quality, the tech team worked restlessly on some cleanups and fixes so that you'll get all the data you need like greased lightning.

Even More Mentions Found

Right from the beginning, we dug every corner of the Internet to find all the relevant mentions about anyone or anything. We got better at our own game, and due to some recent updates, BrandMentions now reports more data ever.

Multiple Users Feature Is Coming Soon

We've listened closely to our users' needs, and we've become highly aware of the necessity of having multiple users on the BrandMentions accounts. Your wish is our command so stay tuned as this feature is on its way.

Our goal is to help you, our users, get the most out of our tool not just based on its capabilities, but also through integration with the rest of your landscape. This is the true impact of putting your customers first:

We no longer create tools that we hope will fit the needs of our users, but rather tools that are improved based on customer feedback and offer the kind of versatility that allows users to create a unique setup that can provide tailor-made solutions.

Cornelia is a proud Digital Marketer @ BrandMentions. When she is not documenting for the next amazing case study, she is probably somewhere trying out a new extreme sport such as Hang Gliding. Also, she's an avid traveler, extreme sports enthusiast, and aspiring drum singer.