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BrandMentions has become an indispensable tool for measuring the success of our marketing campaigns. We work hard to build awareness of our brand online, and no other tool we’ve tested finds as many relevant mentions as BrandMentions. We highly recommend it!

Mark Traphagen, Senior Director of Brand Evangelism at Stone Temple

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get mentions only from a specific country or language?

Yes, you have the possibility of narrowing the results, so you get only the data that matters to you. You can check the mentions coming from a specific country or in a particular language.

Can I get alerted as soon as I am mentioned?

Besides the daily, weekly, or monthly new mentions alerts that you get for your projects, you can also receive real-time email notifications every time you get mentioned.

Do you monitor Social Media as well?

Social Media monitoring is an essential feature of BrandMentions. You can perform effective social listening, having full access to data coming from the most important social media platforms.

What web and social sources do you monitor?

On a daily basis, we are tracking billions of mentions coming from our own databases and dozens of extra sources. We are covering both web and social platforms, and we believe to have one of the world’s widest web mention database.

Is report automation available?

You can fully personalize and white-label your reports, and schedule them to be sent automatically on the dates that you want. Depending on your needs, choose the package that best suits your report customization demands.

Can I upgrade or cancel anytime I want?

Of course! Feel free to upgrade or cancel anytime you feel the need.

How is BrandMentions better than other services?

BrandMentions delivers much better results and has a more extensive coverage than other available services. By performing global monitoring, it saves lots of time and delivers a quick snapshot of all critical data. This feedback was given to us by most of our early-adopters (over 10k people).

From a feature perspective here are some of the innovative things that we added to this full-stack brand monitoring tool:

  • we monitor your website traffic to deliver instant new links notifications (via a tracking pixel that you add on your site)
  • we provide a Quick Mention Research Tool that allows you to instantly view the mentions for any keyword that you type in, for the last 30 days;
  • we provide smart filtering and detection for brands that use generic words (for example Orange, Majestic, etc.);
  • we provide in-depth analytics and filters;
  • plus all the juicy stuff like alerts, reports, sentiment analysis, historical mention recording and much more.

Do you provide sentiment analysis?

Yes, we do offer sentiment analysis. We carefully analyze each mention and let you know about their overall tone: positive, negative or neutral.

Do you offer historical data?

We offer years of historical data for both web and social mentions. Depending on the subscription you have , you can access historical data going back from 6 months to 10 years. Custom historical extraction jobs can be done, going back up to 10 years.

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