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Staying aware of your brand's mentions the moment they appear is critical for any business.

BrandMentions allows you to permanently monitor the web and social media for direct mentions of any business, track trending topics and proactively launch your brand into the conversation.

BrandMentions is an amazing tool to find mentions about our various brands online. Compared to other services we really get a nice amount of extra mentions out of it. The daily alert e-mails are a great way to react as soon as something appears on the web.

Jens Polomski, Senior Marketing Manager at Founders Foundation gGmbH

Make smarter decisions by measuring your business’ performance

BrandMentions helps us keep up with the industry news and specific topics, to monitor our competition and their digital activity and most importantly, monitor our brand’s mentions on various digital channels.

Ksenia Newton, Digital Marketing Manager at CrossCap

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