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Jens Polomski

BrandMentions is an amazing tool to track brands and & events. The real-time alerts are a great way to react as soon as something impacts our social campaign performance. Jens Polomski, Marketing Director at IMAmedia

What is Brand Tracking?

Brand tracking is a marketing activity that measures the impact of brand campaigns on awareness and sales. An effective brand tracker software delivers results from a wide variety of sources such as blogs, news outlets, and social media.

Brand tracking is as important as any other type of digital marketing. Fit brand tracking metrics into your marketing strategy, so you can get valuable information from the web and social channels.

Brand Tracker

How do you track brand performance?

To track your brand’s performance, you need to use the right brand tracker or brand awareness tool. A complete brand tracking report should give you insights on:

  • Who is talking about your brand?
  • Where are they talking?
  • What are they saying?
  • How do they feel about your brand?

Besides these, there are some important tracked data metrics you should keep an eye on. Your brand tracker dashboard should show:

  • The number of brand mentions
  • Your brand engagement rate
  • Your social media reach
  • The authors and influencers that are talking about you
  • The tone of conversations

There are many brand tracking studies examples you can get inspired from. Keep in mind that you or the brand tracking agency working for you should track the metrics mentioned above 24/7. Tracking the complete list of brand keywords is the foundation of a good brand monitoring process.

The keywords that define a brand are the words people use to talk about it online, such as:

  • Brand names
  • Brand abbreviations
  • Misspelled brand variations
  • Slogans
  • Hashtags
  • Product names

Why is brand tracking so important?

Brand tracking helps businesses better understand their audience. A regular check of the brand's health is vital for evaluating and measuring brand performance.

The importance of brand tracking is indisputable. A brand mention monitoring tool is not something extra, but something to start with on your digital marketing journey.

By deploying brand tracking techniques, you'll be able to:

  • improve your marketing impact on your audience
  • widen your perspective over niche keywords
  • create a customer-centric product development
  • increase sales
  • catch your brand infringers

Brand tracking companies can help you gather important data collection, such as:

How do I make my brand popular?

To make your brand popular, you need to take several actions such as:

  • Be active on social media
  • Become a content authority in your industry
  • Try influencer marketing
  • Conduct viral marketing
  • Try Pay Per Click and Paid Social Advertising
  • Create contests, coupons, promotions for your product
  • Build a community of brand ambassadors
  • Perform ad testing and custom brand tracking
  • Keep your communication consistent

Making your brand popular is one of the most valuable marketing assets. A popular brand can bring new customers into your business in huge numbers, propelling you to the top of your industry.

To make your brand popular, there are three key brand pillars that you need to reinforce:

  • Exposure - make sure your brand is where your target customers can see it;
  • Influence - leave an impact on your target consumers through your brand message;
  • Engagement - increase brand loyalty; make your users connect and interact with you.

To achieve popularity, you don’t have to follow “the ultimate brand tracker study” blindly. You need to constantly track brand awareness and take actions that make your brand grow.

Peter Collins

BrandMentions is the perfect tool for marketers. We use it all the time for hashtag tracking, research, competitor analysis, content marketing and reputation management. Peter Collins, Marketing Manager at English Blinds

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the aims of Brand Tracking?

Tracking your brand is not just about paying attention to your brand conversations. It is also about actively seeking out instances in which your brand is mentioned. It involves listening and trying to make sense of what you hear, both on an individual basis and as a collective perception.

Among some of the brand tracking aims and benefits are:

  • It gives you a head start when managing crisis situations
  • It helps you spot new business trends
  • You find out key metrics about the competition
  • You discover influencers
  • You fuel brand growth
  • It helps you measure brand awareness
  • You get customer feedback on your business, brand, product
  • You get the chance to create brand equity based on your customer insights
  • You manage your online reputation and offer a strong brand experience
What is a Brand Tracker?

A brand tracker is an online tool that analyzes your brand performance and helps you understand what your audience is interested in. A brand tracker offers you insights that will help you boost your ROI and brand perception.

What is Brand Warmth?

Brand warmth is the degree to which a brand is able to arouse emotions and empathy in consumers. People are more likely to buy brands perceived as warm. Brand surveys and brand tracking examples show that brand warmth stimulates purchase intentions and brand ownership.

What is Brand Momentum?

Brand momentum refers to the quality of a brand's market position and its ability to beat competitors. Brand momentum offers the general perception that the brand is an exciting up-and-coming brand, a brand to be watched, and a brand to be tried.

Quantitative research and brand tracking studies show that brands that own positive momentum will have higher sales than traditional brands that lack momentum.

What is brand lift?

Brand lift is an increase in interaction with a brand as a result of an advertising or a strong branding campaign. Its main survey question is used to identify a positive shift in customer awareness and perception. Brand lift baseline metrics include:

  • Awareness
  • Attitude
  • Recall
  • Favorability
  • Intent

Brand lift studies and a proper brand awareness survey will help you answer these key performance questions:

  • Are audiences able to recall the ad?
  • Do people like what they see in your ad?
  • Are they more aware of the brand position after seeing the ad?
  • Did the ad influence people in considering your brand or product?
  • Are consumers more likely to purchase the product or brand after seeing the ad?
What are brand attributes?

Brand attributes are the core values that define the overall nature of a company. They represent the essence of a brand. Brand attributes are characteristics that the audience sees as a fundamental part of a brand.

Brand attributes are developed in the process of creating a brand strategy for a business, and they help create the brand identity. Here are some of the brand attributes any brand tracking program should monitor:

  • Relevancy
  • Consistency
  • Positioning
  • Credibility
  • Uniqueness
  • Appealing
What is a brand study?

A brand study is an objective evaluation of how a company is perceived by its target audience. Any brand tracking study or survey software should take into consideration the buyer’s journey and client experience. A successful study or guide to brand tracking will measure specific brand attributes like:

  • Value
  • Delivery
  • Reputation
  • Visibility

A brand study is a qualitative research that will help you grow your brand and improve your overall brand perception.

How is Brand Tracking undertaken?

Brand tracking research is usually undertaken via original research and attitude studies. Tracking a brand's performance and positioning is a key element of any successful brand strategy.

The main aims of any brand tracking research program are:

  • To identify the challenges in raising awareness of the brand
  • To understand the unique value offered by the brand
  • To measure the impact of all marketing activities
What’s an example of Brand Tracking in action?

Brand tracking refers to all the marketing efforts used to quantify the brand-building actions on sales and conversions. To measure the efficacy of your brand efforts, you can use a brand tracking tool. An example of a brand tracking tool in action is the Brand Tracker by BrandMentions. This brand tracking software can help you get all the insight you need. You’ll get data from brand associations and brand health tracking to brand metrics, like engagement or visibility.

What is an example of relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing is important in every business. A good relationship marketing strategy example is to reward loyal customers. Create a loyalty program that shows you care about your consumer perceptions about your brand. It can be a discount, a gift, or something else depending on your business. Clients keep your business running. And customer loyalty can ensure a strong long-term relationship with your clients.