The BrandMentions Story

Striving to be better than we were yesterday

It all starts with Why.

BrandMentions is a web and social listening tool, that appeared on the market from a personal frustration: the incapacity of accurately monitoring brands and competitors. There was no tool on the market that would send daily notifications about any brand or product, as soon as someone was talking about them online. At least not all the mentions.

2015 was the year when Razvan Gavrilas, the founder of BrandMentions, and his team decided to create an efficient tool that would dig all the corners of the Internet, be it web or social, and send real-time notifications about any monitored brand, product or topic.

  • 35,987,343 mentioned delivered daily
  • 3 trillion pages crawled monthly
  • over 5000 happy customers
  • 127.358 lines of code

📅 Our Story

  • 2024 We never stop improving. We stay relevant and always reinvent ourselves.
  • 2019 We've grown our crawling infrastructure and optimized our mention extraction processes. Real-time alerts, quality filters & lots of mention management features were added.
  • 2018 The commercial version of BrandMentions was launched on Producthunt. A much improved and better brand monitoring tool, with the biggest dataset of mentions behind it.
  • 2016 We've passed the 10.000 early-adopters mark. We’ve started working on BrandMentions 2.0, a way more complex product.
  • 2015 The BrandMentions concept was born, and an MVP was ready for the world. The product was free and, with many people using it, we gathered a lot of feedback for future product development.
Our Mission
To help businesses of all sizes to accurately & completely monitor their brands, so they can make smarter business decisions.
Our Promise
To deliver cutting-edge tools and features, always relevant, up to date, that will best meet today’s digital marketing needs.
Our Vibe
At BrandMentions, we make things happen. We invent what’s needed and reinvent what's possible.