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BrandMentions has become an indispensable tool for measuring the success of our marketing campaigns. We work hard to build awareness of our brand online, and no other tool we’ve tested finds as many relevant mentions as BrandMentions. We highly recommend it!
Mark Traphagen
Senior Director at Stone Temple
If you have a business or need to track a brand or keyword, BrandMentions is exemplary! A clean dashboard and app, with useful features. I have multiple mention tracking software and Brandmentions is my favorite. The dashboard is intuitive and a pleasure to work with. The app has helped me find mentions and react quickly when I may have otherwise missed the mention. A great tool to implement for yourself or a client
Dustin D
The BrandMentions app picks up a more comprehensive list of web mentions than I have in other similar tools. The quick search module is also very helpful because unlike other tools I've tried you can quickly search any term without attaching it to a project. The white-label PDF reports have been a huge hit with my clients, that feature alone makes the cost worth it. The customer support team is very responsive and helpful. You can also connect your Google Analytics account and get real time email notifications whenever someone new links to you company website.
Rick Bannerman
Digital Marketer at Plexkits
A few of the things I do with BrandMentions (but not all):

1) See and understand brands’ strategy strengths and weaknesses.
2) Discover where ideal clients hang out on-line.
3) Measure social media campaigns/companies to see how effective they are.
4) See what people are saying when comments about a brand are left on-line.
5) Identify the comment location and respond quick.
6) Discover ways to break into markets by understanding weaknesses.
7) Seeing reach a brand has in order to create a better, faster, stronger strategy.
8) See shifts in audience trends and the relationships/platforms brands have now.
9) Track competition to understand their strategies.
10) Research markets and gain understanding of products/service weaknesses.
11) Make your brand, products, and services stand out by knowing what people want and hate about other brands.
12) Slice and dice the market, understand sentiment over time and gain valuable insights.
We use it for all our clients. to give us a technological edge. Speed and compressive information is needed in today’s fast-paced digital world.
BrandMentions is a nice affordable tool we use on a daily basis.
Ken Walden
Head of PR & Outreach at Koozai
In only a few seconds, Brandmentions allows me to find recent client mentions on the web, saving me a lot of time. With one click I can export the results, add all URLs to a custom sheet to check if a link exists back to my client and approach any unlinked client mentions
Danny Lynch
I've been constantly looking for a media monitoring service until my colleague pointed me to BrandMentions several months ago. BrandMentions delivers much better results and extensive coverage than other services I've used. It monitors global coverage which saves time and delivers a quick snapshot of all coverage. The social media coverage and ranking -- e.g. how many shares and domain authority - are also helpful in measuring the impact of any coverage. Knowing that Razvan and his team have been working to deliver a powerful and full-featured service, we can't wait to see and to use BrandMentions on a daily basis. Highly recommended.
Eva Diaz
Co-Founder at Profile Booster
Brand Mentions is one of the best ways to monitor chatter about your company or brand online. Easy setup, simple interface, data is displayed in an easily consumable format, nice white label reporting with the plan I'm currently on. I've discovered website mentions I probably would have never found without Brand Mentions. I'm also able to track which influential users on social platforms like Twitter have interacted with my account through retweets or replies.
Matt Binder
BrandMentions is the easiest way to find out where you're mentioned on the web. Using BrandMentions, I can quickly discover when my company is being talked about in The Wall Street Journal, or when a professional has written a blog about their experiences networking through the app! The interface is clean and easy to use, and opening BrandMentions is the first thing I do every morning after coffee.
Mandy Menaker
Brand Development at Shapr
The power of BrandMentions resides in its Boolean search, which lets you combine keywords with modifiers like AND, OR, and NOT. This really opens up a world of opportunity, as it enables you find the most relevant results possible (make sure to include negative keywords). Think about the possibilities regarding finding leads, finding places to get easy SEO backlinks, competition research, reputation management, influencer research, product mentions, etc. Out of all the great features (clean dashboards, easy to make white-labelled reports, historical mentions, etc.), its Boolean search has been the most impressive.
Joel Keller
I find BrandMentions to be faster than Google at discovering new brand mentions. This has proven to be extremely valuable as we are to report back the success of our activity sooner than ever before. BrandMentions found links that other tools, including even Google, didn’t discover until weeks later.
Ashley Williams
Head of SEO at META
BradMentions is the only reputation management tool that can track sites that link to you via a code embed and Google Analytics filtering. This is important if you are doing SEO and trying to grow your brand. Important for negative SEO against your site. You can act fast and correct the situation before it goes viral or before it can gain traction. It has one of the most detailed filtering systems for media monitoring tool, saves time in generating reports.
Anton Sheker
Vouchercloud runs a lot of PR campaigns that require us to keep up to date with coverage and chase a lot of publications for links and mentions. Brandmentions is fantastic as a rapid-response option that picks up coverage quicker than anything else - sometimes even quicker than digging through Google!
Ben Harrow
Senior SEO Executive at Vouchercloud
Brand mentions has helped me get links I would have never gotten without it's notification system because I can quickly reach out to anyone who's quoted me or mentioned one of my keywords. BrandMentions is a major advantage over competition who doesn't subscribe to this service.
Andrew Randall
Men's Personal Development at Conquer & Win
Great user experience - a tool that works really well! I like the ease of use and the accuracy of the product - I am able to get the right, actionable information at the right time.
Nishit Kotak
I have been using BrandMentions to monitor our client's brand name(s), keywords, and measure how much information (mentions) are already available online for our searched topics. I love that BrandMentions makes it so easy to see how a keyword or brand is performing (graphs) over a period. There are so many use cases for BrandMentions - from research, competitor analysis, content marketing, to reputation management. A must in every digital marketers' toolbox.
Cathy Reyes
Digital Marketing Manager at Agile Social Media
BrandMentions is an amazing tool to find mentions about our various brands online. Compared to other services we really get a nice amount of extra mentions out of it. The daily alert e-mails are a great way to react as soon as something appears on the web. We use it for our brands but also for the brands of our competitors. Looking forward to many more features and even better mentions
Jens Polomski
Marketing Director at IMAmedia
We've been using BrandMentions since it was first opened for beta, so we had the chance to see the platform evolve. When we switched to it, we immediately noticed the difference in quality from the tools we used to rely on, both in terms of coverage and level of detail. BrandMentions naturally fit into our stack of essential tools and into our workflow because it's so easy to use! Depending on the level of sophistication of your marketing flow, you can use for your own brand or to keep an eye on the competition.
Andra Zaharia
Marketing Manager at Heimdal Security
BrandMentions is the perfect tool for marketers. We use it all the time for market and competitor analysis, reputation management and tracking the progress of our own marketing campaigns.
Peter Collins
Marketing Manager at English Blinds
BrandMentions helps us keep up with the industry news and specific topics, to monitor our competition and their digital activity and most importantly, monitor our brand’s mentions on various digital channels.
Ksenia Newton
Digital Marketing Manager at CrossCap
Brand Mentions is very useful for managing and monitoring brand reputation. It's a great tool to monitor brands effectively. The results we get from it are accurate and allowed us to make better business decisions.
Grimaldo Ortiz
Marketing at Sauco Media
BrandMentions has been an asset to me. I can see whenever my company is mentioned, as well as some of our competitors. BrandMentions keeps me up to date on how Constellix is doing as a brand and gives me insight and feedback on new features and products that we need to offer. BrandMentions is AWESOME!
Jesse Nalls
Account Specialist at Constellix
At Mondly, we used to have a hard time tracking all the press mentions we got. With BrandMentions this process became effortless. Now, we just sit back and check our daily email alert.
Sebastian Maraloiu
Chief marketing officer at Mondly
Keeping track of where TrademarkNow gets mentioned and in what context is very important to us when managing our brand and maintain a high level of quality when it comes to linked content. Additionally it helps identify new content partners and potentially network with like-minded publications. Brandmentions is useful in keeping track of the competition, staying up-to-date with the latest developments strategically regarding new acquisitions or product launches as well as try to gain an insight into their online activity (marketing campaigns etc.).
Nicholas Potts
Sales Operations at TrademarkNow
BrandMentions helps me to monitor and analyse my marketing strategies. I have been using BrandMentions since it was in the Beta stage and have absolutely loved its growth over the last year, and how their data tracking and discovery have evolved. It is a recommended tool for anyone who's online, to monitor personal or company brand growth.
Chitraparna Sinha
Founder & Director at Esmee Network
The tool is a good use case for a Social Media Marketer. I could keep track with newsworthy items and mentions in the keywords I am tracking and share them with my audience. I like that I could narrow my search to a specific country so I don't have to sieve through the data collected by the app.
Dominic Chen
I use brand mentions to keep track of what people are saying about Anime Motivation. Which helps me measure the growth of brand awareness, positive online mentions, and the impact the business is having online. This also provides opportunities to reach out and connect.
Theo J Ellis
Founder at Anime Motivation
BrandMentions' helps me to know when my brand name is been mentioned.Sometimes I don't wait for the alert. I write the keyword that I am looking for in the search tab and it gives me excellent results.
Safa Musa
LinkBuilder and SEO at Travelstart
The setup is quick and I was able to start using the tool within minutes and got some surprising results. I have a lot of software experience and some products are challenging to use but this is very simple to use. There is also the quick search so no need to setup a project, just do a search as you would on google.
Anil Premlall
Great tool for tracking social mentions. Definitely worth using it if you are someone who is looking for ORM or content curation in a competitive space where retaining customers is not easy. The fact that it picks up all the conversations and presents it in a clean interface makes it even better.
Inder Raj Singh Virdi
What price paradise? Finding bits and pieces around the web that I would have missed. This alone has made Brandmentions a great prospecting tool. ROI comes in many forms and Information is what separates winners from losers.
Kenn Bordas
Great way to check all mentions of a brand. Moreover, you can track not only mentions of your brand, but also of your competition. It is extremely easy to use and configure.
Alex Roznovat
Founder at Pixteller
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