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Jens Polomski

BrandMentions is an amazing tool to track hashtag mentions for our various brands & event campaigns. The real-time alerts are a great way to react as soon as something impacts our social campaign performance. Jens Polomski, Marketing Director at IMAmedia

How to Track Hashtags?

Hashtag usage has significantly grown on social media over the last few years. They are one of the most powerful organic social media strategies. Hashtags are very common and they are used on most social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, hashtag monitoring is as important as any other social media strategy.

A hashtag tracker is used to accurately track hashtags over time and on multiple social networks. Good hashtag monitoring tools allow you to see which hashtags a social media audience is using and how they’re performing. You should build your marketing strategy around what your audience is mostly interested in. Don't just latch on hashtags that are widely popular but have little relevance to your brand or audience!

Hashtag Tracker

How does Hashtag Tracking help?

Hashtag tracking helps you to easily monitor posts and topics on social media. You can create a high-performance marketing strategy that will bring your brand more visibility, likes and followers.

Hashtag tracking tools help you discover popular and relevant hashtags across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. They also show the popularity of certain hashtags over time. With Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook analytics lacking the capacity to thoroughly monitor hashtag performance, these tools are becoming a necessity for every digital marketer.

Here are some of the advantages of using hashtag tracking:

How to track hashtag performance?

The best way to get Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram hashtag tracker insights is by using hashtag monitoring . You'll get important metrics on the hashtags that matter for you. Each mention reported will include the following metrics:

  • performance
  • reach
  • # of shares
  • sentiment

It’s important to have an accurate view of your hashtag data. You can get some free Instagram hashtag analytics straight from the social platform itself. The free data that you can obtain from the social media platform is sort of limited. In order to create successful social marketing campaigns, you need much more insights than that.

These are some of the hashtag tracking use cases you could apply:

  • Measure the performance of a hashtag marketing campaign.
  • Discover the engagement around a hashtag.
  • Measure the social media reach of a hashtag.
  • Identify the most influential and active sources that mention a hashtag.
  • Find where and how content is being shared by using social media¬†analytics.

What are the best hashtag tracker tools?

Hashtags are made to be monitored. And if you, as a marketer, not just used but also monitored hashtag popularity, it could bring you considerable improvements to your hashtag campaigns performance.

Tracking and finding relevant hashtags can be a challenge without good software tools. If you're serious about tracking hashtags, here are some of the hashtag analytics tools that can best meet your needs.

BrandMentions searches the entire internet for a hashtag or brand to find relevant information and insights about it. The suite has a hashtag tracking tool that accurately monitors Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in real-time. With this tool, you can have an in-depth report on impressions, reach and number of posts for each hashtag. You can easily get the tone of the conversation by using sentiment analysis. Find out who's talking bad or good things everywhere on the web and social media. You’ll also get real-time notification when a new post about the monitored hashtag is published. You can also get historical hashtag data for more than a year. BrandMentions is a complete media monitoring tool that performs efficient social listening, while also revealing competitor's marketing strategies.

Hashtagify allows you to search for real time data. It only offers Instagram and Twitter hashtag analytics insights. You can use it to discover trending hashtags, monitor relevant content, or find influencers relevant to your business. It will help you enhance your social media strategy via hashtag marketing. This tool helps you audit your campaign performance, monitor aggregated analytics, and build custom reports. It also uncovers the top trending hashtags you should use to reach a broader audience.

Mention makes it easy to listen to social media and improve your social strategy. You can monitor social data in real-time and create comprehensive marketing analytics. You'll be able to measure how your brand and content are performing online. It helps you to make more informed business decisions.

Twitter Search is actually Twitter's social network advanced search feature. The tool allows you to search for usages of particular Twitter hashtags. You'll need to manually search for each term and then count and record the usages of each. Twitter highlights trending hashtags on your Home screen. Once you click on one trending hashtag, the tool will take you to a page showing recent tweets that include that hashtag.

Keyhole provides near live insights and real time social media analysis for the most important social media platforms. By performing keyword tracking, the app offers lots of social media metrics and hashtag stats in a dashboard. It measures the social impact of hashtags, trends, and influencers. Key features include tracking the number of posts, users, reach & impressions behind each hashtag.

Agorapulse should feel the pulse of the market, offering historical reports of the general mood or opinion of the audience. It monitors social media platforms such as Twitter & YouTube. The suite also provides social media management tools. It will help you track and respond to posts and comments quickly and easily. You'll be able to maintain a pro-active online presence.

Peter Collins

BrandMentions is the perfect tool for marketers. We use it all the time for hashtag tracking, research, competitor analysis, content marketing and reputation management. Peter Collins, Marketing Manager at English Blinds

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hashtag and how do you use it?

The hashtag is a word or phrase following a hash or pound sign (#). It’s widely used on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The hashtag is used to identify and group conversations activity on a specific topic. There can be multiple types of hashtags, such as:

  • industry hashtags
  • brand hashtags
  • campaign hashtags
  • event hashtags
  • location hashtags
  • causes hashtags
  • celebration hashtags

A hashtag is a discovery tool, heavily used by both social media users and brands. They are a type of hashtag mentions that can play an important role in content marketing strategies, Twitter campaigns, or brand monitoring tracking. You can easily refer to it as a type of social media content that works like a stream of conversations used by those having a mutual interest in a particular topic. Hashtags usually encompass contemporary trends, known facts, particular interests or, simply put, anything you write after the number sign symbol.

How do you analyze a hashtag?

With hashtags becoming so popular and highly used, manually analyzing the hashtags that matter for you, can be challenging and overwhelming. The easiest way to measure the reach of a social media campaign is by using a specialized hashtag tracking tool. These tools usually track specific social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Youtube.

Tools help you automate the process of finding and collecting fresh and historical data for hashtags. The efficiency and depth of data is what makes such a process useful. Instagram or Twitter search provide limited insights. Social media managers and influencers make use of hashtag analyzers to accurately complete their hashtag analysis projects.

Why do I need Hashtag Analytics Tools?

Hashtags are a huge digital funnel for social media conversations. With a good hashtag strategy and the appropriate monitoring tools, you can shape your marketing approach to fit people's diverse preferences. Monitoring hashtag performance is a key process for social listening. Hashtag analytics tools will help you keep up with everything that is being mentioned about you, your brand or your marketing campaign online. It will also give you insights on how the hashtags you are interested in are performing online.

What hashtags are trending right now?

The easiest way to check the trending hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other important social networks is by using a tool that monitors the Top 100 hashtags. This will instantly give you plenty of metrics for your favourite hashtag or any other.

What is Bhfyp?

Bhfyp is an acronym that stands for Best Hashtag For Your Post. #bhfyp is used extensively on Twitter and Instagram. With more than 90,000 social media users tag and explore posts with #bhfyp hashtag every day, there it’s a big chance for your post to be seen if it uses this highly popular hashtag.

How to track Instagram Hashtags?

If you just want to casually check up on a specific hashtag every now and then on Instagram, you can simply head over to the Explore tab and type the hashtag term in the search bar at the top of the screen. If you want an automated and in-depth hashtag search you should use a hashtag tracker tool.

How to track Facebook Hashtags?

You can get a few insights about a hashtag shared on Facebook, from the social platform itself. When you search for a hashtag on Facebook, you’ll see a feed of posts that include that hashtag. You may also see various usage patterns and related hashtags at the top of the page. Keep in mind that you'll only see posts that were shared with you or your friends. If you want to track hashtags on Facebook efficiently you should use a Facebook hashtag tracking tool like the one provided by BrandMentions. You’ll get a lot of insight and important metrics on the hashtags as well as their performance.

How to track hashtags on Twitter?

While it is true that you can simply search for a hashtag on Twitter and get results containing that hashtag, if you're in the digital marketing business, you need relevant Twitter performance data about your the Twitter chats. A robust Twitter analytics tool will tell you how the tweets are performing and what changes you need to implement to boost your Twitter impressions. That’s not a complicated task, provided you have the right Twitter hashtag monitoring tool and know which hashtag metrics to analyze.

How do you know if a hashtag is popular?

By definition, the most popular hashtags are the most used ones. Once you start analyzing a hashtag, you realize you need to get as much insight into that hashtag as possible. A hashtag analysis will provide you with answers to the following questions:

  • How many times a hashtag was used?
  • Who uses a specific hashtag?
  • Why is a hashtag favored by others?
  • When was a hashtag used for the first time?

To identify the popularity of hashtags keywords, you simply need to check the number of times a hashtag is used. Instagram and Twitter show you hashtag stats such as the total number of times this was used or the reach impressions.

How do I get Instagram analytics for hashtags?

The easiest way to get complete Instagram Analytics for hashtags is by using a dedicated analytics tool. The Instagram platform offers limited analytics insights only for business accounts. Instagram Insights help you learn more about followers and the people interacting with a business on Instagram. You can get insights such as gender, age, and location. You can also see which posts and stories your audience sees and engages with the most. Reach and impressions reflect both paid and organic activity.