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Ksenia Newton

BrandMentions helps us keep up with the industry news and specific topics, to monitor our competition and their digital activity and most importantly, monitor our brand’s social media mentions on various digital channels. Ksenia Newton, Digital Marketing Manager at CrossCap

What Is Social Media Tracker?

Social media tracker is a tool to measure the performance of social media brands. Social reports enable you to identify ways to improve your marketing campaigns.

Social media tracking is the process of monitoring a brands' online conversations. Social analytics tools help you listen to what people say about brands on different social channels. These tools watch social media, news, blogs and media.

Social tracking apps provide you with valuable insights about Share of Voice on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Social Media Tracker

How does Social Media Monitoring help?

Given the explosive and constant growth of social media, implementing a social media monitoring strategy is critical for any business hoping to drive leads and conversions out of their marketing efforts. Continual measurement and social listening are keys to reaping the most value from your social media marketing campaigns.

Social media activity remains vital for gaining insight into customer care, increasing engagement rates, and bringing your audience closer. By tracking your mentions throughout a social media campaign, you can quickly identify your brand ambassadors, listen to your customer stories, or understand what really matters to your customers.

Here are a few ways tracking can help you out with your marketing strategy:

What are the Benefits of Social Media Analytics?

With so many social tracking metrics, it can be difficult to identify which are the exact metrics you should follow. Tracking on social media channels is not an easy job if you don’t have a social media stats tracker.

Metrics yielded from proper tracking provide insights into which platforms are most effective at reaching your customers. If, for instance, you are generating significantly more leads from LinkedIn rather than Instagram, you should allocate more resources and content accordingly.

Here are a few examples of social media metrics that any digital marketer should track:

  • The most engaging posts on each social network.
  • Changes in followers count for your brand and your competitors.
  • Audience engagement and growth rate levels.
  • All mentions of your brand and competitors.
  • The hottest topics and hashtag reports.
  • Publishing trends over a particular time period.

What Are the Best Social Media Tracking Tools

BrandMentions allows you to track and engage in online conversations in real time. Works great for spying on your competitors, managing your brand reputation, media & brand monitoring, content marketing and much more. You’ll also get real-time notification when a new post appears anywhere online. BrandMentions has a complete social tracker app that performs efficient social listening, while also revealing competitor's social media performance. Brand Mentions supports Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn & more. You can also link your Google Analytics account for collect even more mentions.

Google Alerts is a marketing tool that sends you email notifications each time your brand is mentioned online. It can be used for social media monitoring. As you grow your business, it can be harder and harder to keep up with all your social mentions. That’s why social media monitoring tools are very useful for social media marketers.

Twitter Analytics is a social media analytics tool that provides a lot of information that can help you create meaningful Tweets that will resonate with your target audience. Understanding which types of content and topics your audience members most enjoy can help drive your social marketing and content strategy. The tool allows you to see impressions, engagements and insights for each tweet, for both paid and organic posts.

Sprout Social offers social customer service solutions for leading agencies and brands. This social media campaign tracking tool enables brands to simplify social monitoring, listening, customer service, engagement and more. The app helps better connect with audiences, streamline publishing workflows, collaborate in real time by saving time turning social data into meaningful insights at scale.

SocialTracker is a social media mentions tracking tool that delivers analytics and competitive intelligence to help digital marketers make informed decisions, improve results, and better understand competitors. Using competitive benchmarks and social analytics, it enables digital marketers to uncover new opportunities, identify trends, and track results across all major social channels and the web.

Ashley Williams

I find BrandMentions to be faster than Google at tracking new social mentions. This has proven to be extremely valuable as we are to report back the success of our activity sooner than ever before. Brand Mentions found links that other tools, including Google, didn’t discover until weeks later. Ashley Williams, Head of SEO at META

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How to measure engagement rate?

The tool allows social media engagement tracking on all major social platforms: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, etc. For each post on any of these social networks, you get personalized metrics that help you measure the engagement rate: reach, impressions, likes, comments, shares, authority, performance, etc.

⭐ What historical data can I see?

By default, the app will allow you to get data from the past 30 days. Yet, when accessing the more complex version of the tool, you will be able to get historical data from up to one year.

⭐ How do I search for mentions on different time periods?

You can easily change the time period in the tool by using the dropdown at the top-right of the tool. You can set the date to 24 hours, a week, or a month.

⭐ How do I analyze a social post?

The more actionable insights you can collect, the better campaign and general social media presence you’ll be able to develop. The Social Media Tracker from BrandMentions is a social media analytics tool that offers you valuable analytics insights one click away. Accurate social tracking allows you to quantify the success of each campaign and help determine which are the most important in driving leads, sales, and traffic. Each social post can offer you lots of valuable insights, highly important for your next social media campaigns.

⭐ Who should use Social Tracker?

The tool is for anyone using social media tools for professional purposes or is interested in marketing campaigns. The tool works best for brands, agencies, influencers, or advertisers.