Visuals boost engagement online to help grow your audience and increase sales. Facebook has always been a visual platform where videos and photos perform better. This article will discuss 8 visual content tactics to help boost your engagement on Facebook. 

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If you have a business page and want to boost your reach, visuals should be helpful. Сompelling visuals boost engagement between social media users, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Researches show that visuals on Facebook can increase engagement by up to 80%.

With visuals like photos and videos, Facebook users are more likely to engage with your content, just like an SEO-friendly article.

Social media is a prominent part of our lives, and we're constantly scrolling through visual posts on Facebook to see what's going on in the world. We typically come across a wide range of visual content on social media but don’t boost engagement as they should. Whether you’re considering acquiring a Facebook content strategy internship or just thriving on FB, you should familiarize yourself with some powerful ways to boost engagement.

This blog post will explore eight visual content tactics to help reach a broader audience and boost engagement on Facebook as they follow:

  1. Make Visuals Part of Your Content Distribution Strategy
  2. Use the Most Compelling Visual Content Options
  3. Create Relevant Visual Content
  4. Post Your Content on Perfect Time
  5. Recreate Your Most Popular Visual Posts
  6. Refine Your Photo Game
  7. Upload Your Video on Facebook
  8. Include a Call to Action on Your Visual Posts

1. Make Visuals Part of Your Content Distribution Strategy

Facebook has changed the world of social media, and incorporating visuals in your content strategy for Facebook engagement is more critical than ever. It’s easy to think that Facebook isn't the place to boost engagement by post visuals since text posts get better results. Unfortunately, that may only have been true once upon a time before Facebook changed its algorithm to prioritize visuals over other types of content to boost engagement. 

However, if you're posting visual content that isn't compelling, your strategy won’t get anywhere near boosting your engagement on Facebook.

The updated algorithm prioritizes visual posts to boost engagement at higher rates.

So it would be helpful if you optimize your content distribution strategy and add visuals to boost engagement and boost the number of likes on your posts.

Besides increasing your engagement, below are more benefits of making visuals part of your Facebook content distribution strategy:

  • Attract relevant followers.
  • Easier to understand
  • Memorable
  • Relatable

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2. Use the Most Compelling Visual Content Options

In today's content-driven world, every successful marketing strategy at Facebook must incorporate quality.  Regardless of the costs of making a website, the quality of content will always determine the magnitude of engagement.

But what type of content should you publish on Facebook to strengthen your strategy in boosting engagement?

Many ways can help you thrive on Facebook, but a visual content strategy outweighs all when it comes to boosting engagement. 

However, simply including visual content in your strategy isn’t just enough to boost your FB engagement. Your social media content must be relevant and meaningful to your brand and target audience. With all the content being shared on your newsfeed every day, it's essential to create a content distribution strategy to help you produce compelling visuals that grab attention and stand out from the rest.

This starts by choosing and using suitable visual content options in your active marketing strategy. 

There are various visual options available at your disposal, from videos to photos and animation, so it’d help if you use the option that best suits your brand. Below are the top nine visual content options to append to your strategy and expect significant engagement on Facebook:

  • Static visuals
  • Explainer videos
  • Animated visuals
  • Stop-motion animation
  • Authentic pictures
  • Video and photo collages
  • Flat lay photography
  • Behind the scenes videos and photos

3. Create Relevant Visual Content

There are always posts, statuses, and updates being posted on Facebook from across the world. Sometimes these posts can get lost in everything happening on this social platform. But if you want your post to stand out from the rest and boost engagement, you should have a strategy to help you create and use relevant visuals. Most Facebook content creators aren’t aware of how much impact appropriate visuals can have on creating a powerful strategy to boost their Facebook engagement. 

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Most of us are familiar with the popular saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words," which is true. When you create precise visuals for your Facebook posts, they’ll make your distribution strategy effective in boosting engagement. They’ll also expand interaction with your followers’ friends because people love to share eye-catching content relevant to their interests. 

4. Post Your Content on Perfect Time

Posting your visual content at the right time is an excellent strategy to help boost your Facebook engagement. It sounds simple, but most people don't consider this strategy until they see their likes dropping off. Facebook has a robust algorithm that makes it difficult to create a strategy that helps you identify the right time to post. 


You could go with your gut and hope for the best, or you can use Facebook analytics manager to conduct insights and audience analysis.

It'll tell you exactly how many likes, shares, and comments your posts got at various times of the day, which will help you build an effective posting strategy. The perfect time to post on Facebook isn't always the same for every business. It all depends on your strategy, target audience, and what they like to see when they get on their feed. 

If you are a Facebook marketer that tackles many business accounts, you can use Facebook's business manager to schedule posts like a pro. This will also help you create a sturdy posting strategy to publish your content during peak hours when more people are online and scrolling through their feed.

5. Recreate Your Most Popular Visual Posts

Identifying which Facebook video content strategy will work best for your business with millions of Facebook users can be overwhelming. Luckily, there's a quicker and affordable way to create a powerful strategy on Facebook when using visual content. This strategy includes analyzing and recreating the most popular visual posts that have done well in the past. 

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For instance, if you have a visual post with tons of likes, comments, lots of interests in the comment section, and plenty of shares, you shouldn’t hesitate to recreate it. Regardless of which visual option knocked out the park, you should see it as an excellent Facebook content strategy example to help you repost a successful piece that’ll undoubtedly boost your engagement. This strategy will also save you from doing lots of unsuccessful guesswork. You can check Facebook insights to discover the posts that have the highest engagement rates and use them for further content creation.

6. Refine Your Photo Game

Regardless of whether you are creating a Facebook ad or evergreen content, high-quality visuals are the key to boosting engagement with your fans.

Polishing up your social media photo game is a powerful strategy to help boost engagement on Facebook.

If you want to maintain attention with your Facebook audience, post high-quality images of your products or services to make them get interested in your business or organization.

Photos and videos show up first in the user’s Facebook news feed and give off an air of authenticity and friendliness. 

However, if your photos don't look good, your strategy will have the opposite effect - instead of boosting engagement with your page, it could cause people to unfollow you. So don’t hesitate to include polishing up your visual game into your content strategy to boost your engagement successfully.

7. Upload Your Video on Facebook

Facebook is evolving rapidly, and you ought to adopt a new solid strategy to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on the reforms to boost engagement. 

Uploading videos directly onto Facebook rather than linking out to them from other sources like YouTube or Vimeo is a powerful strategy you should utilize.

Facebook encourages you to utilize their video hosting feature to upload video content directly to your profile rather than share URLs to boost engagement. This means the strategy of copy-pasting your YouTube video link on Facebook isn’t going to boost your FB engagement.

Whether it’s commercials, animation, video guides, comedy, or going live on Facebook, publishing your video directly on your profile is a vital strategy towards boosting engagement and lead generation.

8. Include a Call to Action on Your Visual Posts

So you are using Facebook for community management and boosting social media engagement. But, what if you want to take it one step further? What if you want people to do something when they see your post? 

It turns out that including a call to action (CTA) in your visual posts is a strategy that does wonders in boosting engagement.

CTAs prompt users to engage with your posts even beyond the social media platform.

It’s a fair strategy that provides your followers with an opportunity to air their voice and wait to hear from you, which will undoubtedly boost your engagement with them. 

A quicker and easier way to include a CTA within your visual post is tucking a question encouraging your followers to share their insight. You can also encourage debates, discussions, and opinions—but don’t implore for them. If your followers start to respond to your CTAs, that they are one step closer in becoming potential customers.


Creating robust pieces of content for Facebook can be tricky, especially if you don't know how to analyze Facebook insights to improve your content strategy.

Luckily, if you apply the best visual content tactics in your strategy, you can be sure of boosting your Facebook reach and engagement within the shortest time possible.

This post explores eight excellent tactics to help you create an effective Facebook brand awareness campaign and take customer experiences to the next level.

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