T here is maybe one thing that we, the BrandMentions family, love more than innovation; and that is full filing our customers'needs.  We know that in everything we do there is room for improvement, and this applied to our Reports section as well. So, we're proud to present you a full list of reporting improvements & some brand new features. 

There is a common saying that “no job is finished until the paperwork is done”. And this quote is just as true for any profession - from a small eCommerce business to the Government - because generally talking, the only way a client can judge how well you’re doing the job is by reading the reports frequently. So, you need to have those reports as good as possible.

We've designed highly personalized reports, available in any language, any order, color or words you want.

Long story short, here are some of the improvements we've worked on BrandMentions Reports section:

  1. Preview All Your Reports Section Before Downloading Them
  2. Create Reports in Any Language You Want
  3. Amaze Your Clients with Eye-Candy White-label reports
  4. Add in Your Reports Only the Data You Want, In Whatever Order You Want
  5. Fully Customize Your Reports With the Colors You Want

Based on the feedback we receive, we fine tuned our road map and find the best possible ways to implement the features are user need most. And reports were on our priority list.

I bet this happened to you as well: If something wasn’t included in the report, the client usually assumes it didn’t happen. If the report is inadequate, the client assumes that the job done is inadequate. If the report is neat, comprehensive and delivered on time, the client assumes that the people working for his company are doing a great job.

At some point, any person working in the field is as good as they reports.

Before digging through the possibilities to organize your data in your reports and personalize it as you want, you need to know that some of the features were available but they were highly improved, while others are completely new edition. Fresh and powerful!

1. Preview All Your Reports Before Downloading Them

The first feature from the BrandMentions Reporting section is the Preview option that allows you to see any change you make before downloading the report. So you can pull your chair and make yourself comfortable to play with your reports, change whatever you want, make it look professional before having the final version of your report.

BM preview report

You don't have to waste time every time you make a change to your reports while you download the file, add something and then download again and so on.

You can preview all your changes instantly.

The Preview feature it's a great time-saver. You can make as many changes as you want and preview them in a glance.

2. Create Reports in Any Language You Want

There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today. Quite impressive, right?
And we know how important it is to create reports and present the evolution of a product, company, etc. in the language of your clients or your teammates.

BM languages

So, from now on, within BrandMentions not only you can create super personalized, eye-candy projects, but you can also edit them in the language you want.

Create highly personalized reports in any language you want.

Everything from the title, subtitle, additional comments or even the days of the week can be translated within the language you need.

3. Amaze Your Clients with Eye-Candy White-label Reports

Make a strong impression with your reports with the help of BrandMentions full customization capabilities.

All reports are white-label so that you can give each client a fully branded overview with a custom analysis of their latest performance. It’s important to us that when you use our product, you maintain the appearance of professionalism at all times, even when getting help from someone else.

whitelabel BrandMentions

We’re giving you complete branding control over a flexible report ready to fulfill your needs.


We've tailored our reports section to your needs so that what stands out is your relationship with the client.

4. Add in Your Reports Only the Data You Want, In Whatever Order You Want

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard the expression “He who controls information controls the world.” Well, there is a lot of truth in this saying as data are extremely powerful.

We want you to be the one who chooses how your reports look like. What should be in, what should be out, in what order should your charts be presented and so on.  That's why, you can create and enjoy your BrandMentions projects, just the way you want. You are the one who decides over the data presentation, and you are the one who can fully customize their own data.

Drag and drop report BM

Be they free, expensive, updated, skewed or highly accurate, data are the ones based on which most of the business decisions are made.

Or at least, they should be. However, there is something  that equals the importance of raw information and that is the data analysis and interpretation, or otherwise, the data presented in reports.

5. Fully Customize Your Reports With the Colors You Want

By now, we hope that you understood what our purpose was with this latest update: allow all our users to create highly personalized reports with data that can be presented just the way they want to . So, not only you can whitelabel and play around with all the customization, but you can even create the reports in the colors that best represent you or your brand. From how many colors can you choose? Well, all of them.

customize colours

Choose from predefined colors or add your own HTML color code. Anything is possible within the improved Brand Mentions reports.

Choose the colors that best match your brand and company.

We don't want to load you with to much info about our report improvements as we don't want to steal from you the joy of discovering great features by yourself.

BrandMentions can now meet any given needs in terms of reporting .

Yet, what better way to find this out than by testing it around? And as all our work is dedicated to our great users, we are open to any questions or suggestions related to our latest work.

So, what you're waiting for? Let's start creating some professional reports!

Cornelia is a proud Digital Marketer @ BrandMentions. When she is not documenting for the next amazing case study, she is probably somewhere trying out a new extreme sport such as Hang Gliding. Also, she's an avid traveler, extreme sports enthusiast, and aspiring drum singer.