s a team of people who like to be better, we are always trying to find new ways to offer better tools and features. Brand Mentions just got better due to the latest updates: a quality filter is now available, and a better keyword management system is now in place.

We understand very well the need for better and smarter features for accelerated actions in everyday life. Feedback is highly important to us, and we’re always trying to be better, faster and smarter, just like our users.

Here's a bit about BrandMentions' latest updates that will surely help you do a way better monitoring:

  1. The Pain of Inaccurate Monitoring Tools and Junk Mentions
  2. Better Keyword Monitoring Management
  3. Cutting-Edge Quality Filter for an Accurate Analysis

1. The Pain of Inaccurate Monitoring Tools and Junk Mentions

As rude as it may seem, we need to say it: there is a lot of junk on the web and lots of inaccurate brand monitoring. On the same note, there are lots of brands in this world that need accurate monitoring, even if they have a generic brand name. Nobody wants to waste time, so if you’re having a lot of junk mentions that you don’t want to keep track of and it pollutes the results, BrandMentions is the solution.

Accurate monitoring helps you see your true brand magnitude on the whole world wide web.

Innovation should be top of the list for every service you use. And we know that sometimes is hard to do accurate monitoring, especially if you're having a generic brand name or a brand name that is also used on several niches and businesses. And let’s face it, it’s hard to find a tool you can trust. That’s why we’re always trying to think ahead and make our users proud members of our brand monitoring community.

Tech Pro Research made a study to find out more about the value of innovation to their organization. Obvious or not, a significant majority of the respondents (71%) stated innovation was 'very important' to their company.

Knowing all this, we did what we had to do: we did brand monitoring better for everyone, even if there's a generic brand name we're talking about or a specific one.

2. Better Keyword Monitoring Management

We fine-tuned the Keyword Management section to make the monitoring even more accurate. You can now refine your search by adding optional keywords (to be included or/and excluded) for each tracked topic or brand name. The more fine-tuned the keywords, the better the monitoring. A few clicks away and you will receive straight to your inbox only the mentions that matter for you.

New Keyword Management

Any keyword can be edited separately and it works wonders for generic brands.

What about the mentions I've already collected so far? you might ask. No worries as you can filter those out as well. Just check a box to filter the mentions collected with the previous settings and keep only the ones that are relevant for you at the moment.

Save project

The tool has been enriched with a more in-depth level of customization and you’re free to do any changes you’d like, anytime you want.

3. Cutting-Edge Quality Filter for an Accurate Analysis

Another delighted news is [*drumrolls sound*] the fact that we have more resources and a bigger database of mentions you can take advantage of. We've added even more mention sources together with a ✨ Quality Filter ✨ which allows a high level of mention curation.

Quality filter

As quality over quantity is not always the case, you can choose to switch the Quality filter OFF, and receive all the mentions available on the world wide web. Just take a look at the print screens below to see the number of mentions with the quality filter off, compared to the filter switched on.

Quality filter off

After applying the quality filter, the tool will evaluate all the mentions through a curation process that includes lots of high-end algorithms. You'll see fewer, but more relevant mentions.

Quality filter on

Along with these new awesome updates, the system is now in compliance with Google's decision to shut down Google+. This means we've removed this social network from our sources list.

We constantly like to polish the software, to improve the existing features or to add new ones that can make our user's monitoring (and why not life) better.


Every once in a while application, tools, companies, and brand start to get obsolete and need to be dusted off. We don’t want to get to that point, and that’s why we take very seriously the business innovation. A good product reflects on the whole team, and vice versa.

BrandMentions' quality filters for more accurate mentions are offering tons of insights and help every marketer make better business decisions. Moreover, the latest keyword management opens lots of monitoring possibilities, especially for businesses dealing with generic brand names, which are usually harder to monitor.

Long story short, take the tool for a spin and enjoy the latest updates to the fullest!

Andreea is an enthusiastic Copywriter @BrandMentions who has a love for creativity and writing. When she is not watching for the 10th time the TV series Friends, she enjoys a good book and a glass of rose wine. She likes to see life from different angles (and cities). Motto: Eat, think and travel often.