We’re very happy and proud to share with you one of BrandMentions’ latest features:

Smart Alerts, probably the best and most efficient way to monitor any brand, anywhere online.  

Putting it simply, Smart Alerts allow you to create any type of alert, tailored to your exact needs, and send it straight to your inbox in real time or at a frequency chosen by you.  You can add dozens of alerts, each one triggered by a very specific monitoring need you might have. You can create as many alert notifications as you might want and need, so that your brand monitoring process is as accurate as possible.

BrandMentions’ Smart Alerts allow you to create notification segments that best meet everyday monitoring realities.

For instance, you can create an alert that will send you an email with all the negative mentions about your brand as soon they appear, but also a weekly notification with all the positive and neutral mentions. 

Smart Alerts Examples

Do you need to be alerted as soon as valuable mentions about your brand that contain a specific word appear on Reddit and YouTube? You got it! You can create a Smart Alert with those exact specifications. Actually, you can create alerts with any specifications and customizations may cross your mind. Infinite combinations are possible as we know that each brand monitoring process has very specific requirements. 

Spike Alerts or How to Be Up to Date 24/7

Along with the full range of alerts customizations, BrandMentions has also introduced Spike Alerts. As the name suggests, these types of alerts send you notifications as soon as there is an increase in your usual number of mentions in general or for a specific segment. Any sudden change in mention volume or social mention reach will be reported as it happens so you don’t have to be worried that you’re missing any single beat about your brand.

spike alerts

Allow me to present you just some of the things Smart Alerts can help you with:

Get Fully Personalized Alerts for Different Needs

Who says that you need to have just one Smart Alert? BrandMentions’ alerts allow you to set as many notifications as you need, highly customized and segmented.

segment smart alerts

Let’s say that you want to be notified about a very specific segment of your brand mentions. For instance, you want to know, on a weekly basis, about all your positive mentions. But you also want a notification with all your negative brand mentions, and you want to receive it as it happens, so you can react on the spot. And, you also want a monthly overview with all the mentions you’ve received on Instagram. All these are possible and even more.

Sky's the limit when it comes to the number and the level of Smart Alerts customization.

Get Instant Notification When Your Brand or Competitors Are Mentioned. The Minute They Do

Brand monitoring, or better said “web & social listening” is essential, there’s no doubt about this. Not only does the real-time brand monitoring help you create marketing strategies and build relationships with your users, but it also helps you to protect your brand’s reputation.

Checking what and how your brand and competitors are doing should be part of a routine and not a one-time job. Yet, this task may consume more resources than you’d expect, and you might often feel like the James Bond of the web, a spy with a very difficult mission to accomplish.

instant notification about your brand or competitors

To make things easier for you, we’ve created the Smart Alerts feature, allowing you to get notifications about anything, anytime straight to your inbox. You are the one who chooses what type of notifications you want to receive, when and where.

You can’t get more in control of your brand than this.

But by putting at your disposal the world’s widest database, Brand Mentions helps you collect and monitor mentions and conversations about businesses from across the whole online world, giving you a clear idea of any threats, as well as any opportunities to your business.

Spot a Potential Crisis Before It Begins

Long story short, you need to be the first to know when your brand is mentioned online. And Smart Alerts can help you precisely with that. Set up the exact notifications you want to be alerted for (negative mentions only, high influence mentions coming from a specific influencer or from a certain social media channel or a blog, etc.).

You also have the possibility of setting “spike alerts”, meaning that you’ll be alerted as soon as you have more mentions than usual or when there is an unusual spike in online conversations about your brand.

A comment about your brand can jump out from any corner of the Internet. By setting real-time alerts, you can stay 24/7 with an eye on what people are saying about your brand; otherwise you might lose potential customers or miss a negative discussion that can ruin your brand reputation. And we both know how hard it is to build a reputation and how easy it is to ruin it.

negative mention reply

There are some other free tools, like Google Alerts, that help you monitor your online presence. But the major difficulty with these kinds of media monitoring tools is that they are not accurate and you risk to miss some important social mentions, lots of negative reviews and comments, etc. And you simply can't afford that.

Brand is no longer what we tell the customers it is - it is what consumers tell each other it is.
Scott Cook, director of eBay and Procter & Gamble

Save Time, Money & Energy

It's impossible to know everything about anything, anytime. And yet, you have to be up to date with your brand, your competitors, your market, other niches, etc. And as hard as you try, as many hours of work and energy you’d invest, you might still not get everything. So, here’s where Smart Alerts step in.

Smart Alerts are not only a powerful time saver, but also a form of strategy adjustment that saves time of implementation in whichever strategy you’re focused on.

mail alerts for all projects

Having all the notifications about your brand you need straight to your inbox, empowers you to focus on what’s really relevant, having a colossal contribution to the digital marketing campaign success, as well as your tight professional schedule.

Smart Alerts give you the possibility to reply to every mention you’re tagged in or talks about you, being relevant to your users without losing productivity in an endless scroll quest on the page feed.

Spot the Right Influencers to Promote Your Brand

Influencers are people from lots of niches. They can be anywhere, but what makes them influential is their community, the large number of followers that engage on social media and the web. It can be a well-read blogger, a photographer, an expert on the field, a respected marketing CEO or executive. Each industry has its own influencers, but the question is: how do you find them? Where do you start and moreover, how do you identify the right influencers?

influencer marketing

It’s true that influencer marketing does not resume to a single action, like setting up an alert; yet, creating a smart alert to identify or observe an influencer’s activity is a damn good start. Get notifications on who’s talking most about a niche that interests you.

Measure the impact those influencers have in their community, monitor their engagement with people to see if they are a good match for your brand or not.

A simple task as setting an alert and monitoring an influencer’s activity can give you an idea on what to expect if you’re choosing to transform somebody in your brand ambassador.

Why Are Smart Alerts So Much Better?

Smart Alerts can help you stay ahead of the curve. This is a system where you get just the relevant information about what interests you and you get it straight in your inbox. You get ideas about what works for you, but also what works for the competition.

You don’t always need to invent something completely new. Sometimes improving on something that’s already being offered can be enough. This is why we’re focusing on keyword mentions around the web and social media platforms and offer you a tool that lets you know when a keyword, a topic or brand that interests you is mentioned online.

Because sometimes, all it takes to ruin everything is to be a little slow, be a little late, just once. The reverse is just as true in the online world:

Sometimes, all it takes to make it is to be a little faster, a little earlier than your competition.

Why Do You Need Smart Alerts More than Ever?

I know what you're thinking: I already have tons of web and social media notifications. Why would I need Smart Alerts?

Because people talking ABOUT you rarely talk TO you.

Take Twitter, for instance: close to a third of the brands mentioned on Twitter do not include the brand’s Twitter handle, meaning if you’re not looking closely, you might never find out about it (until it’s too late maybe). 90% of all brand mentions do not start with “@”, meaning they’re not addressing your brand directly, but merely talking about it.

Let’s face it: There is simply too much content in the world to keep up with it.

And if you’re still not convinced,  please allow me to share with you some more stats. There are over 1.7 billion websites on the world wide web as we speak. It’s not just that the Internet is unfathomably huge, it also grows at an absolutely staggering rate. With this soaring growth, having access to all the content out there seems like an impossible task.

And if you think you can keep up with all the cool, inspiring blog posts, you need to know that 17 posts are published every second on WordPress sites around the world. Therefore, since you started reading this sentence until you finished it, most likely some other 100 blog posts have been published.

And this cannot even compare to the explosion of information that social media has brought to the table. Stats show that every minute Facebook users share nearly 2.5 million pieces of content, Instagram users post 200,000 photos, while YouTube users upload 72 hours of new video content . Can you imagine the rate of that? It takes just 1 minute to post 4,320 minutes' worth of video!

In all this sea of content, there is a way to make sure you receive ALL the alerts about your brand, your products, your competitors or topics:  Smart Alerts.

Cornelia is a proud Digital Marketer @ BrandMentions. When she is not documenting for the next amazing case study, she is probably somewhere trying out a new extreme sport such as Hang Gliding. Also, she's an avid traveler, extreme sports enthusiast, and aspiring drum singer.