Hello, fellow content creator! So, you’ve decided to inspect the YouTube creator scenery. Or maybe you’ve already started uploading, but you aren’t sure if you are using the ideal marketing strategy to create a popular and profitable YouTube channel. We know it can be hard to find good YouTube niche ideas, so below are some suggestions to help you out. 

7 Niche Ideas for YouTube Channels

niche ideas for youtube channel

1. Beauty and style vlogs still hold the crown for most popular YouTube niches.

If you feel you have the zest to produce authentic content in this direction, there is enough room left to niche down in the beauty area. For example, instead of taking a broad approach to the topic, you could choose a trending subject and grow from there. Use your unique personality and traits to give your beauty style vlogs an original touch. 

2. Entertainment vlogs

82% of people use YouTube as a source of entertainment. 

We love to see reality-show-like content on YouTube because it feels real. Plus, it makes us feel closer to the person standing in front of the camera. Entertainment vlogs are one of the most profitable niches on YouTube. Combined with other social media channels, this category of content has created digital celebrities with millions of followers. Whether it’s a comedy video, storytime video, or a family vlog, there are many niches and sub-niches to choose from.

3. How-to tutorials

Let’s be frank here: it’s easier to watch a 3-minute how-to video tutorial than to read a 50 pages user manual on any given subject. So there it is: start reading user manuals on YouTube. Just kidding. But we are positive there are many creative ways to share useful information in the form of videos. How-to videos have one big advantage: you can create videos on YouTube without showing your face or even using your voice. 

So, if you are insightful or handy but more introverted, this niche is for you. 

4. Product reviews

Ah, the kingdom of affiliate marketing opportunities. Successful vloggers in this niche are influencers with trusted voices and opinions on toys, technology, and more. 

To get started in this niche, you can use Google trends to find out what products people are interested in. Then, contact the company that sells these products and ask if they want to support your YouTube video with a product sample. Simple example: you can review the video editing tool you use to edit your videos. 

5. Weight Loss & Healthy Living

Definitely one of the most profitable YouTube niches. Since the wellbeing era started to make its way into the homes and minds of any privileged middle-class representative, these popular niches have skyrocketed. Are you passionate about healthy recipes, mindful eating, or goat yoga? Push that record button! 

6. Children content

Creating content for kids is golden. Although monetization is a sensitive subject when it comes to ads on the YouTube kids platform, there is still solid ground to work with. From a digital marketing perspective, you can use the platform to create personal brand awareness and earn YouTube subscribers, therefore, creating a fan-based audience. There are many types of videos you can create for this audience. It can be music, family games, educational content, or animation videos. PS: balloon animal lessons are still a thing. 

7. Lifehack and DIY videos

Wondering what content you can make on YouTube without showing your face? Lifehack and DIY videos are the perfect type of content that allows you to do so. There are many life hack and DIY channels out there and people are obsessed with them. Because this is such a versatile topic, with a wide range and broad categories, make sure you choose the right niche for the long run. 


Yet, there are others important things we should know when talking about YouTube niche ideas. So, let's also tackle:

  1. What Is a Niche on YouTube?
  2. The Importance of Choosing a YouTube Niche
  3. How Do you Find Your Niche on YouTube?
  4. Bonus: YouTubing Tips

When you are uploading videos that are all over the place, and your audience doesn’t know what to expect, chances are that the subscribe button isn’t going to get that many clicks. 

Same with YouTube. If the platform has a hard time understanding your niche, it will be hard for them to recommend and rank your videos. 

But first of all…

What Is a Niche on YouTube?

what is a YouTube niche

A YouTube niche is the main topic, the main category that a video creator focuses on when creating YouTube content. The more niched down the topic is, the easier it is for the algorithm and your targeted audience to view you as an expert on that particular niche. 

The Importance of Choosing a YouTube Niche

If you are serious about starting your YouTube Channel, you should consider choosing a niche right at the beginning of your career. The more you postpone it, the more you will be running around in circles, farther away from your first million subscribers.  

choosing a YouTube niche important

An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less. Nicholas M. Butler

Although many successful YouTubers present themselves as EXPERTS in their niche, you don’t necessarily have to start as one. You can portray yourself as an adviser, a leader, or a passionate individual in a particular field. The most important aspect is to have clear intent and direction. People want to know what they can expect from you. 

In 2019, YouTube reported two billion people logged in to the platform daily and one billion hours of video watched per day. In 2021, the platform experienced a 4.9% growth.

All things considered, it’s safe to say that starting a career as a vlogger in 2021 is still an exciting idea. 

How Do you Find Your Niche on YouTube?

Finding your niche goes hand in hand with figuring out what the purpose of your channel is.  So, let's build our way up from here.

how to find your niche on Youtube

1. Identify your Interests and Passions

Think about something that you would be comfortable talking about for the following years. Take your time, reflect on it. What interest or passion can you turn into a personal niche?

Pick one to three related main topics and focus only on creating that kind of YouTube videos. 

2. Find out if there is an Audience for this Niche.

You may think your ideas are original and catchy, but it wouldn’t hurt to double-check if there is an actual audience for your content idea. Carry out a thorough research and choose the niche that has a decent amount of interested audience. 

3. Research your Competition.

Successful competition is good news. That means that you can jump on the bandwagon and add your unique flavor to the niche. Look at your competition as inspiration for video ideas. 

4. Start by Covering the Basics

Don’t assume that your audience is already in the know regarding the topic you share information about. Instead, ease their way into it by creating simple, relatable videos. 

5. Be consistent and try to stay between the lines of your chosen Niche.

Once the audience gets used to your content, they will be coming back for more. 

Last but not least, have fun with it!

YouTube is still going strong. It’s estimated that by 2022, there will be 210 million viewers in the U.S., up from 192 million in 2018

We want to help you get the most out of this opportunity, so we have put together a few YouTube channel ideas for beginner vloggers.

YouTubing tips: 

  • make the YouTube autocomplete your friend. This integrated YouTube tool will help you find out what other people are searching for in your niche topic.
  • Don’t be afraid to dive into YouTube SEO. 
  • Listen to your audience. 
  • Trust the circle: research - create - optimize 

That being said, finding your niche can be a bumpy and confusing road. But, with patience, passion, and a little bit of video SEO, someday you may get to earn money out of this. 

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